Day 2

When I was researching the 550 I was trying to find some size comparisons between the 450 and the larger machines. The 550L seemed like the most sensible option, price, size and power-wise. But I’ve been surprised how big this helicopter is compared with the 450. 

When I got the 450 it seemed like the biggest (and scariest) helicopter in the world. The noises it made compared to the little fixed pitched helicopters and the Walkera suggested that one false move and it’d be slicing me asunder before I could react. In hindsight this is probably a healthy reaction to these potentially deadly machines! 

However, all that said, the 450 is decidedly ‘iccle’ compared to this the 550…

450 and 550 canopies

The motor. Absolutely beautifully engineered. 

The rotor head. The 550 head is placed directly next to the 450 in this photo. The 550 tail rotor system is slightly larger than the main rotor head of the 450. 

Every bag I opened in the 550L box was impressive. The engineering is just amazing, from the more complex bits, like the motor, right down to each of blades and the canopy. 

Here is one of the main blades next to the 450. Again, the 550 blade is right next to the 450 in this photo.

That’s it for now. The building begins this weekend. 

Happy Halloween!