Day 4

I finished the main part of the build on Sunday (2nd Nov). The mechanics are all done, I’ve just got the electronics to wire up to finish the build. 

I was going to post more stages, but to be honest the helicopter went together really quickly and without any major issues. A couple of things to note that the manual didn’t include. 

The plastic canopy protectors were a bit tricky to get in. My advice – be gentle and use brains rather than braun. A bit of gentle manipulation is called for. 

As you can see from the photo below I decided to use Jeff Fassbinder’s trick of going inside the canopy with the protectors. 

The second little tricky fellas were the shaft spacers. Align supply two in the kit, 0.5mm and 0.3 mm. I started off using both, and this was too much. I ended up using just the 0.5mm spacer which you can just about see in the image below. 

The spacer can be seen where the main shaft meets the ball race just under the swashplate. 

Using both spacers mean’t that I couldn’t get the collar screw through the main drive gear, easy when you know how, but the manual doesn’t make the task that clear. As I was new to building helicopters I got lost here for a sec…

The last snag I came across was the installation of the motor. The mount secures to the main frame with four bolts but it wasn’t until dry fitting the ESC that I noticed the wires from the motor to the ESC were awkward. 

Unwittingly, I had installed the motor with the wires exiting to the right of the frame (when looking from the front of the helicopter), the opposite side to installation position of the ESC. When I installed the ESC the wires reached okay, but when applying the hook and loop tape there was undue pressure being exerted on the ESC as the wires stretched out to span the distance of the frame. It probably would have been okay, but it wasn’t perfect and with added stresses of flight it could have caused issues. 

This was fixed by removing the motor mount, unseating the motor and turning it through 90 degree so that the wiring exited the motor on the left-hand side of the frame when viewed from the font. The motor wiring and the ESC then sat right next to each other and made an easier connection without stresses on the motor or the ESC. 

The correct installation position of the motor can be seen below. 

Back into the working week here after a very fun weekend of building. I’m also waiting for delivery of the Lipos, so I can’t do much before they arrive from Hobby King. I decided to go with x2 Turnigy 5000mAh, 6S, 40C packs for now and see how they hold up. At half the price of Align batteries it seems too good to be true at the moment, but we’ll see. When they arrive I’ll be getting out the swash levelling tool and starting the set-up process. The mechanics are all done. but it’s not over yet! 

A really easy build apart from the stumbling blocks above. Folow the manual and you can’t go wrong – and use the loctite sparingly!