Front strut test install

So a stumbling block of mine has been the front gear retraction. On Uravitch’s plans he has the gear retracting backwards, and to me the OV-10 gear just has to retract forward. There are a few niggles with this though, notably the location of the fuselage formers, length of the gear and the fact that the the nose gear also has a trailing arm on the oleo and needs to retract quite a bit further for it to clear the lower part of the fuselage and gear doors.

So a test install was required to get all these factors to balance and for the nose gear to look and function correctly. Here is where I ended up.

Gear extended…

Retracted position – very snug but there is a little wiggle room to move it back slightly.

Retracted view from above.

Testing the overall stance of the model. The OV-10 sits quite nose down which I want to capture in the build as well. I think I could go more than this to be honest. More work to do here.