Trouble with plastic!

So I emailed Rich Uravitch to ask him if he’d be able to supply me with some plastic parts of the OV-10 as I didn’t particularly want to scratch build a canopy, the cowls, nose etc. He didn’t reply but I wondered if it was because I lived in Europe? Hummm…

I mailed him again a few months later without mentioning that I was in the UK and he got back to me. Win! However, as soon as I mentioned that I was in the U.K. he stopped replying again, so I can only assume that shipping out here to Europe was too much of a pain in his butt.

Fortunately my brother has good friends in the U.S. who were sweet enough to buy, pay for and ship a box of plastic to me in the U.K. Thanks a lot Peter and Shelley, you guys are life savers and it is super appreciated!

Bronco parts in the U.S.

Bronco parts in my workshop! It literally took me 18 months – 2 years to be able to get hold of these. I genuinely didn’t think I’d see these in my workshop! The build can progress.

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