Fin and nacelles

So the nacelles are nearly there and the fins are both built. The fins are built up from leading and trailing edges with spars and a final sheeting on both sides. Rather than Uravitch’s suggestion I decided to go with a Bowden cable set up (named after Sir Frank Bowden) on the elevator control rather than a pushrod type set up. Much neater I think.

The cable is build into the fin and almost entirely hidden from view. Here is the cable exit at the top of the fins. This will exit on the inside and run directly to the elevator control horn. Note that the whole model needs a lot of sanding at this point, hence all the messy edges!

Here is the cable running out of the fin base, viewed from underside.

Here is the cable running to the front of the nacelle. The servos controlling the elevator will be between the 2nd and 3rd formers.

And finally the two nacelles, note the right thrust applied to the firewall on the one nacelle to compensate for torque from the engines. The arch shape in the 4th nacelle former is to allow for tyres when the gear is retracted. I’ve installed the main gear bearers – I’ll be adding some fibreglass here to strengthen this area as well.

More soon, stay tuned!

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