Osprey Fuselage

The Osprey fuse is a really simple affair with just four plywood formers from the nose to the trailing edge location of the wing seat. Balsa Cabin had some large ply which meant I could cut the sides from a single piece of wood, rather than joining two side pieces as in the original kit.

Here is the underside of the fuse with the rear balsa floor drying.

I don’t have a jig for building fuselages and this was a tricky one to get straight. I got there in the end though but it took a bit of manipulating!

The nose is built from balsa block. Here it is setting onto the first former. This was after the fuselage was planed and sanded to profile.

In the image above you can see I also installed the servos bearers, pull-pull closed loop cable for the rudder and Bowden cable linkages for the elevator.

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