Osprey Wings

I’ve wanted to build another Osprey 100″ after having one back in the 90s and enjoying the model on those slow, hot and calm summer days. I was fortunate enough to come across Neil Gillies on eBay who makes beautifully laser cut wing ribs. He also has a website www.igull.co.uk

Neil put me onto Flyer21 on eBay who happens to print full size plans and was able to supply me with some plans for the glider. With wood delivered from Balsa Cabin and the plans and ribs ready to go I set about building the wings.

Inner wing panels

I tend to fly from slopes that require more control over descent rates, such as Frocester Hill. For this reason I decided to fit air brakes to the wings to help with those tricky landings. I ordered some 250mm brakes from Gliders UK with integrated motors to save on space when installing them. Here is a picture of the brakes installed.

I plan on covering the model with Oracover so I had to build in some balsa capping surrounding the brakes to make sure it had something to adhere to. They will run from a single channel on the receiver connected by a y-lead.

Here are the wings nearly completed. I just need to add the wing tips which are fabricated from carved balsa block. I also need to add a few of the reinforcements like glass cloth on the join between inner and outer panels.

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