Elevator servo install

This was undoubtably the most tricky servo for me to install. I’ve seen many people who attach the servo directly onto the elevator joining rods, as in the image below.

This avoids slop and is a pretty neat install from the ones I’ve seen.

However, the MKS HBL6625 that I am using is too long to fit into this set up as there is a strengthening post that runs up the middle of the fin. Because of this I had to use the bell crank that Baudis supplied, which actually made sense in the end.

Below is a diagram of my install for clarity using the Baudis bell crank.

Below are some images of my servo install.

This image is looking down the fuselage and you can see the bottom of the bell crack.

Looking up the fin. The carbon rod here is pivot point for the bell crack.

Onto the wiring!