Skywalker left-hand flap and aileron installation

So onto the left-hand wing.

I thought I’d take a picture part way through the install process of the mid-aileron. In this shot you can see the guide lines that are left over from the jig. I used a standard CD pen to draw these onto the wing skin. You can see in the image below that I use the Dremel to cut near to the lines to remove most of the wing skin material but I then filed up to the lines to make the final cut out section accurate.

I made up some triangular shaped bags as per Baudis’ own instructions which work really well to distribute the epoxy into the nooks and crannies of the flying surfaces and the other elements that need glueing.

A quick shot of the flap servo setting with wing ballast holding the servo in place. Note the masking tape holding down lots of clingfilm to avoid getting epoxy on the perfect wing paint job! Also note the servo carefully wrapped in clingfilm – worked a treat on all of the 8 servos I installed.

After each servo frame has set I removed the servo and dug out all the remaining epoxy in the holes for the servo mounting screws. I read about this on the BARCS forum which was a top bit of advice as it stops the screw pushing epoxy up and making dents in the top wing surface. I’m gad to say that the top of my wings are smooooth thanks to this bit of advice. I used several tools to do this but being gentle is the order of the day, and taking your time.

Here is the outer aileron setting. Nothing much exciting by this stage, just rinse and repeat. Clingfilm, masking tape, weight,

Elevator install next…