Skywalker maiden!

So the Skywalker had it’s maiden flight today (Jan 3rd 2020) and I’m very pleased.

The wind was a steady 10-11mph North-Westerly which put is directly on Selsley Common. I was waiting specifically for a NW wind direction as the landing zone here is excellent for a big model like this.

On the maiden flight I had issues with my transmitter which cut the flight sort, but this turned out to be an incorrectly set-up vario causing an alarm on my transmitter to sound. The maiden last just almost exactly 4 minutes because of this alarm, which was rectified and some other settings changed before its second flight a few minutes later.

Here is the Skywalker resting with my Flamingo after it’s maiden.

The Skywalker responds really well to lift and I was quickly able to get to 500ft from slope lift alone. It’s fast and responsive but came to a near standstill when the inboard flaps were lowered.

Here is some video footage of the flight. Not the best quality but it caught the moment.