Skywalker right-hand flap and aileron installation

Onto the right wing and the flap and aileron installation. I have the dual IDS version for extra strength and durability. Below is the horn after being glued into position with the IDS lined up to the cut in the top skin of the model. Baudis suggest that the skin needs a 7mm cut into the top wing skin and the horn is placed on the leading edge of the flap.

7mm is a perfect fit for the horn as you can see from this image below. The hairs you see in the image on the wing skin are actually carbon fibres 😎

Test fitting the flap servo without glue and without clingfilm on the servo itself. Note the clingfilm on the wing skin to stop stray epoxy drips and finger prints! I also made up some temporary pins that are easy to install and remove. You can see this holding the control rods onto the servo arm here.

Note in the image above that the servo arm is not in its centre position as the flaps have a lot more down than up. With my set up here I have allowed for a few millimetres of up but about 45˚ down.

After a lot of testing servo throws and centring the flap to the profile on the fuselage, here is the servo setting with some wing ballast in place to hold it down.

…and the final install of the right-hand flap. Looking nice and clean and neat. No wonder really as this took me a good 2 hours to get right. They say measure twice, cut once. I measured and tested 10-15 times to get this absolutely right! Worthwhile though I think.

Here is a quick pic of how I cut the screws short to stop them distorting the wing skins. Maybe overkill but the 2mm of self tapper that I cut off won’t add any mechanical benefit anyway.

Onto the ailerons.

I didn’t take any pics of the mid-aileron but the outer aileron is a single IDS which makes it a bit more interesting.

I made up several jigs for the flaps, mid-ailerons and outer ailerons. The horn for the double IDS is almost exactly 10mm and I ALMOST cut the wing skin for the outer aileron at 10mm after making a 10mm jig. Somehow I remembered that the outer aileron is a single IDS horn which I needed to make a new jig for, time to measure the single IDS horn…

Then the new jig laid up on the top wing skin.

The final servo installed in the outer-aileron position.

The servo arm on the mid and outer ailerons are too short to install the pin that holds the push rod in place while the servo is in its frame. This mean that you have to install the servo, horn and push rod before glueing in the frame. You then need to attach the pin at the flying surface after putting the servos in. This makes it slightly more tricky to install than the flap servo, but once you get the hang of it it’s pretty straightforward.

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