Skywalker rudder servo installation

So I thought I’d start with the rudder servo for a few reasons. I’d never installed a full IDS system like this one so I needed to cut my teeth somewhere. It seemed like the easiest servo to install as the horn and the servo arm were clearly visible, which isn’t the case with the wing servos.

Here is the first part of the horn installation into the rudder. This is before the second batch of epoxy mixed with cotton to fill out the gaps.

I got some great advice on the BARCS website about using clingfilm and masking tape on the skin of the model to stop drips of epoxy or epoxy fingerprints getting everywhere. I’m SO glad I did this. I also carefully wrapped the servos in clingfilm to ensure they don’t get stuck into the frames, or to the inside skin of the glider. Worked very well.

After the frame was glued in securely I went round the frame with the epoxy/cotton fibre mix. Here is the final result before the servo was screwed back in. I carefully extracted all the dried epoxy from the screw holes as per some really great advice I found on the web. If you don’t do this the top skin deforms as the screw pushes the remaining epoxy up. I also took the liberty of clipping the screws a touch to make double sure this doesn’t happen!

Then the servo was screwed in. Looking good so far! On to the wings next!

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