Skywalker wiring

So the looms were all made up from Baudis so it was simple case soldering the MPX plugs on and getting them installed. I should really get a soldering station but the pliers and rubber band work fine for the time being.

In the fuselage I epoxied the MPX male plugs in place to accept the female plugs from the wing. You’ve got to be careful here to not get epoxy into the plug socket!

On the inside you can see I added plenty of epoxy to give it strength. Not the neatest work on this glider but you you’ll never see it from the outside! 🙂

Here are the plugs set into the wing with epoxy. I prefer to epoxy the plug in place rather than having them floating about. It’s a bit more of a pain in the build but it looks a lot neater in the long run. I do this by adding epoxy behind the plug and leaving it to set whilst the wing is installed onto the fuselage to ensure a perfect fit. This can then be tidied up and more epoxy added after it’s set to increase strength.

I taped the servo extension leads in place down the wing to avoid any possibility of the extension leads getting in the way of the servo arms. Here is the mid-aileron servo.

…and the flap servo.

Next is balancing and final install. Nearing that maiden flight!